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Suncoast Hardware is an Authorized Dealer of Shwinco Architectural Products. We specialize in meeting our contractors' needs by offering premium hurricane impact resistant and HVHZ vinyl windows and doors. 

We have an extensive network of insured professional contractors and installers for the homeowner that wishes to have our superior products installed.

Love our products as much as we do?

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Whether you're building a new home or renovating your current home, Suncoast Hardware has the right impact resistant window and door solution for you.


We offer impact resistant:

  • single hung windows

  • casement windows

  • horizontal slider windows

  • fixed lites

  • architectural window shapes 

  • sliding glass doors

  • entry way doors

  • french doors


Protecting your home is crucial against Florida's powerful hurricanes and tropical storms.  Boarding up windows with plywood gives a false sense of security against flying debris. This method is susceptible to detaching from your home thus becoming a missile.  Storing storm panels takes up valuable in-home real estate where storage is a premium for most Florida homes. Those of us that have lived through Florida's extreme weather know that installing storm panels is both stressful and dangerous leading many Floridians to the emergency room for falls, cuts and sometimes much worse outcomes known statistically as "Indirect Factors". 


Only our windows and doors are virtually indestructible against flying debris from Florida's harshest climate and sledgehammer wielding burglars.  With indestructible air seals, our windows and doors will protect your home's interior against being exposed to the ravenous wind outside. Feel confident that you've taken the correct steps to protect your family from windblown debris like tree limbs, roof tiles and your neighbor's detached plywood.

  • Energy Efficient - We incorporate the best Cardinal Glass, blocking up to 98% of Florida's harmful UV Rays

  • Hurricane Resistant - Secure your home with windows and doors for winds up to 200 mph 

  • Noise Reduction - Up to 40 STC 

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Shwinco Architectural Products Accreditation and Associations

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